Our Mission

If you have received a flyer from us, the simple quote on the front has never been talked about in your schools. "We defeated the wrong enemy." General Patton said in 1945 after taking Berlin.

You can tell when looking at the world around you everything seems backwards... your cities are becoming unsafe and the media seems to be totally against your way of life... against any and all common sense. You may be wondering why men like Trump seem great at first, but then turn around and try to pass Red Flag laws to take the citizens weapons away. Why Biden has the highest illegal immigration rate of all time... and Trump seemingly had the highest legal immigration rate of all time, telling you to get the vaccine, as did Biden, which has had detrimental effects across our nations around the world. Today, you may be thinking, "Why have I just been brought here to this page? A Flyer came on my doorstep, and I may slightly agree with it, but this is a bit disturbing to find that this page is well... about Nazism? I thought we were past this? I am a true American Patriot, and I don't know about this, I've been told differently". Yes, you have been told differently by the victors who write your history books.

When General Patton figured out we fought the wrong enemy... what did he mean? Why did he say that? Why did Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Martin Luther (1933), and Malcolm X, all have the same views about Jews? Did 6 million really die?

Welcome to the uncensored internet, where you don't have Facebook (Jewish), YouTube (Jewish) to censor your thoughts and the truth... Ask yourself why you can go to YouTube and type in speeches by Adolf Hitler, and you will find almost absolutely nothing? Why is it when you go to Amazon and look for a copy of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, you can only find a translation from a Jew, Robert Manheim? The actual translation is much, much different when comparing it to German and is actually understandable if you purchase the Thomas Dalton translation... so why lie? Why put in all this effort year after year with video footage of Holocausts, and Nazis, killings, and sick depravity but have terrible misleading translations of a man available for the public to read? Why do they not show any of his actual words!? Welcome to the Matrix... the Matrix you live in currently... because that is exactly what it is. And it's time we stop pretending that living in this sick world for your kids to grow up in is okay... What do you think life will be like for your children and grandchildren in 20 years?

You will wake up to the fact that this world is much more paramount in respecting than you can imagine.

Our mission here is to wake up the world, and not only wakeup the world... everyone that comes to this page can unite with other like-minded individuals. You will be able to work together in unity joining one another in real life groups, and waking up everyone around you. Our mission is truly about love, and you will not understand it until you watch Europa or are smart enough to read between the lines enough to understand both political parties are against YOU. You will find in this world, there are really only two sides... everyone else in between is unfortunately a pawn until they wake up.

It is time to wake up the world. This website will have Podcasts, Real Life Activism groups, as well as online activism groups, we will have discussion pages eventually and talks about the future of the world's people and homelands... an entire archive with terabytes of data you can explore to know the truth will be added soon. We will wake up the world. And if you happen to be a leftist reading this page, or a conservative that couldn't imagine we could possibly be right... sit back, take a seat and watch this documentary. I implore you to watch the entire documentary. After watching it, take the time to go through every detail if you'd like and debunk it. You will be surprised at these "Fact Checkers" that supposedly can debunk what is offered here. By the time you are finished you will no longer be in the matrix... You no longer will be controlled... Everywhere you go you will see just how much people really don't know, and how important it is to go and show them. When everyone wakes up... we will be able to save ourselves from what they have in store for us. Go check out the reviews on IMDB yourself, if you're skeptical.

Enjoy your awakening.