The Jewish Question

Posted December 1, 2022 9:14pm UTC
Submitted by Amalek International

“The Jew still remains the enigma of the world."
- Henry Ford (1922)

What is “the Jewish Question”?

It depends on who you ask. Entire books have been written about the Jewish Question; Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique analyzes their evolutionary strategy, whereas the Jew Karl Marx frames the question specifically around Jewish Emancipation in Germany in On The Jewish Question. Marx also does the ever tiresome Jewish trick of framing Jews as a religion whereas they are actually a biologically definable people (though not a ‘Race’).

So what is “the Jewish Question”? Simply and pragmatically it should be, are Jews of benefit or detriment to their host society? If ‘History is philosophy teaching by examples’, host nations across time and space have answered this question the same way - Jews have been ejected from every place they’ve ever dwelt (yet “everyone else is the problem, goy”).

The Culture of Critique’s title comes from an observable pattern of Semitism (Jewish behaviour); the constant critiquing of European civilisation and complaining about anti-Semitism in every nook and cranny; Loxism (Jewish hatred for non-Jews) or "anti-Gentilism" is framed as “Social Science” but any analysis or critique of Jewry is branded as “Hate”. We cannot even identify the Jews who use Crypsis to hide without them kvetching that it is “anti-Semitic”. In fact, as demonstrated by the (((canceling))) of Kanye West, Jews do not limit themselves to kvetching - they will coordinate to destroy someone.

So this begs the question, “If Jews are so unhappy with the host societies they dwell in, why don’t they leave to their ethnostate?". Why must they force themselves upon other nations? Why is it that any contemplation of societies free from Jewry elicits nasal whining about genocide horrors and "the Holy Holocaust™”?

The answer is Parasitism; Jewry are the World Parasite. They parasitise the host societies they infest and have done so for a long time - perhaps so long that the parasitism has become innate. As part of the Haavara Agreement between the NSDAP and organised Jewry, the German nation funded the training of Jews in trades and labor that would assist the building of a Jewish state in Palestine. This was necessary because Jews lacked the fundamental abilities to build their own society after centuries of feeding on others.

Looking at Israel today, it seems that Jews are unable to do without parasitism as the state itself could not survive. Israel receives billions of dollars from the goyim tax cattle every year, vast sums of goyim guilt money from Germany in addition to the shekels from diaspora Jews (who themselves are parasites on their host societies), and it produces little besides olives, pegasus spyware for everyone’s devices, and dead Arab children.

So why do host nations put up with this? The answer lies in the European and the Jewish racial spirits and their relationship. The European spirit is curious, playful and optimistic to the point of being utopian. We are driven to question, discover and ultimately understand the nature of the Universe. Jewry are biologically driven to gain material wealth and power over others. They are the Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Psychopathy as a group evolutionary function.

More than half of Israeli Jews believe they are "God’s Chosen People™" - they believe they are chosen by God to rule over the goyim. This means they have to constantly define acceptable thought for everyone else, telling others how they should think while simultaneously coordinating to destroy anyone who breaks from the “Semitic Correctness” they enforce about themselves. They have to constantly maintain fear of speaking about them negatively.

So, what is the answer to the Jewish Question?

The answer is it is not “the Jewish Question”, it is THE JEWISH PROBLEM.